2023 Coolest Coops Photo Contest!

Think you have the coolest co-op on the block? Share your photos and crafting details, and you could be crowned the winner of Backyard poultry annual Coolest Coops contest. From one-of-a-kind waterers to handcrafted perches to completely upcycled creations…show us your best!

Coolest co-ops 2023

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2023 Coolest Coops Awards

List of Grand Prizes (one winner):

  • Chicks and Poultry Starter Kit from Purely Poultry Etc.
  • Chicken E-lixir, Coop Recuperate, Golden Graze, Preen Queen and Bye-Bye, Boo-Boos from Strong Animals
  • Mealworm Frenzy 10 oz, Fish Fest, Shrimp Sensation, Morning Medley Banana Almond Blend by Happy Hen
  • Run-Chicken Automatic Chicken Coop Door
  • Brinsea EcoGlow 600 Chick Incubator
  • $100 gift certificate from Murray McMurray Hatchery

Retail value price: $650

Finalist list (one winner):

  • Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher from PDZ Company, LLC
  • Metzer Farms $100 gift certificate
  • Stromberg’s Chicks and Gamebirds Deluxe Package
  • Coop Control / Local Hens Hat from The Egg Carton Store

Retail value price: $375

Please note: Previous winners, as well as the Top 10 Co-ops of 2022, will not be considered in this year’s competition.

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