7 Columbus whiskeys to sip for World Whisk(e)y Day

World Whiskey Day arrives on May 20 this year, giving us all an excuse to sip on a little goodness, whether you’re celebrating whiskey or whiskey. Here are seven whiskeys you can find at Columbus distilleries!

Since its inception over a decade ago, Middle West Spirits has achieved international acclaim for its roster of vodkas, gins, bourbons and whiskeys. Personally, I’m a fan of their Straight Wheat Whiskey, but their Ported Pumpernickel Rye Whiskey – part of their Double Cask collection – has a lovely spice balanced by caramel, vanilla and stone fruit from its time in oak barrels. and port.

Learn more: middlewestspirits.com/spirits/whiskey/mws-ported-pumpernickel-rye-whiskey

Noble Cut offers an interesting portfolio of fruit cellos, vodka and apple, black cherry, peach and maple flavored whiskeys. Their Salted Caramel Whiskey recalls all the buttery richness of caramel candies with a touch of salt. Bonus: you can taste Noble Cut whiskeys and buy a bottle in their newly renovated tasting room in Gahanna.

Learn more: noblecutdistillery.com/pages/flavored-whiskey

In just a few years, High Bank Distillery has grown to two restaurants – a third of which has just been announced – and a collection of vodka, gin and especially whiskeys that have won numerous international awards. Their Whiskey Wars has now won three consecutive nods for Best Blended Whiskey in America at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, starting with their barrel-proof version in 2021. It balances a rye mash with vanilla, caramel and ginger.

Learn more: highbankdistillery.com/whiskey-war-barrel-proof

From their small Grandview distillery, Echo Spirits have produced a fascinating range of rums, vodka and juniper (a malty whiskey flavored like a gin). Their boldly spiced Rye Whiskey is marked by complex floral and fruity notes. Bonus: they just released a new version of the barrel proof rye. (We recommend trying their expert spirits and cocktails at the Bar at Echo Spirits.)

Learn more: echospirits.com/spirits/rye-whiskey

Owner and distiller Chad Kessler strives to showcase underrepresented spirits at his Clintonville distillery. So it’s the place to go for experimental whiskeys, flavored rums, even absinthe. Its Bone Shaker whiskey is a standard, mixing a mash of barley, rye and oats enhanced with roasted and chocolate malts.

Learn more: 451spirits.com/curbside-pickup/p/bone-shaker

Over the past few years, Watershed Distillery has rapidly expanded its portfolio of aged spirits, and its oldest spirit to date is their six-year-old bourbon. After spending time in oak barrels, it is finished in barrels that have contained their apple brandy. The resulting spirit is autumn in the bottle: apples, nuts, baking spices and caramel.

Learn more: watersheddistillery.com/barrel-strength-bourbon

Endeavor is the double threat in that it is the only “brewery” in town. Their Grandview bar is a hub for football fans and other community events. In addition to their unique line of beers, Endeavor produces vodka, gin, and barrel-aged versions, as well as a few whiskeys. His two-year-aged bourbon whiskey arrived in early 2022 and has already won medals at the US Open Spirits Championship.

Learn more: effortbrewing.com/spirits

Image by Echo Spirits courtesy of facebook.com/echospirits; 451 Spirits image courtesy 451spirits.com; Endeavor image courtesy facebook.com/endeavorbrewstillery

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