This Week for Dinner: Week 772 Weekly Dinner Menu

Monday, May 15, 2023 Good morning! I really can’t believe it’s time to plan another week of dinner parties. Here is! MONDAY: TUESDAY: Chicken pot pie (I STILL haven’t made this but I’m bound and determined) WEDNESDAY: THURSDAY: FRIDAY: Speech and Debate Banquet for Cate SATURDAY: SUNDAY: Your turn! Share these meal plans in the … Read more

This week for dinner: Week 773 Weekly menu

Monday, May 22, 2023 The roller coaster has officially reached the top of the hill and we begin the decent descent until the end of the school year, speeding up every day! It’s gonna be fun! (And crazy. But fun!) MONDAY: Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and butter lettuce salad TUESDAY: WEDNESDAY: School orchestra banquet – … Read more

This week for dinner: Week 774 Weekly menu

Monday, May 29, 2023 Happy Remembrance Day! Hope you all have some delicious food on the grill right now! This week is the calm before the storm of graduation week, so I’m really going to try to cook some good food! MONDAY: Memorial Day BBQ: Chest + Fixings TUESDAY: WEDNESDAY: THURSDAY: FRIDAY: SATURDAY: SUNDAY: Indian … Read more

Fluke Infestations in Waterfowl – Backyard Poultry

By Doug Ottinger. THERE ARE MANY PARASITES THAT CAN infect waterfowl. Among these are flukes, a type of parasitic flatworm that belongs to the scientific class Trematodes. Most people are at least remotely familiar with or have heard of liver flukes in sheep, cattle, and even humans. With some 24,000 species of flukes worldwide, some … Read more

Gut health is for the birds

A good intestinal flora keeps everyone healthy. By Dr. Stephenie Slahor. Poultry gut health protects your birds against infections and bacteria. WATCH TV ANY NIGHT and you’ll likely see an ad for drugs and supplements for the amazing body biome we call our digestive system.As food moves from the stomach through the small and large … Read more

Butter Chicken Bao

Butter chicken bao (stuffed steamed bun) is an addictive snack or entree! Fluffy bao with a crispy bottom is stuffed with creamy, plant-based Indian butter sauce soycurl filling! Nutfree Table of Contents These are fusion steamed buns with a filling of soy curls in butter chicken sauce, and there is also some sauce on the … Read more

La meilleure recette de salade de pommes de terre !

Cet article peut contenir des liens affiliés. Veuillez lire ma politique de divulgation. Ma recette de salade de pommes de terre classique est facile à préparer, parfaitement piquante et crémeuse, et toujours appréciée des foules! Je reviens à mes racines du Midwest aujourd’hui pour rendre hommage au plat de repas-partage qui restera à jamais un … Read more

Control the rats! – Backyard poultry

How to keep determined rodents away from chickens. by Susie Kearley. SOME PEOPLE SAY IF you have chickens, you haverats. It’s inevitable. If you agree with this statement, you haveYou’ve probably encountered a rodent problem or are looking to eradicate critters in your own backyard. A single pair of rats typically produces up to six … Read more

Herbs for Heat – Backyard Poultry

Keep your birds cool and avoid heat stress. By Heather Levin. Here in Tennessee, summer starts in early Mayand often only ends in November. It’s not just hot here. It’s like living in someone’s mouth…with high temperatures and humidity the norm for much of the year. Keeping my herd cool during our endless summers sometimes … Read more