Boston Stoker Coffee moves into its home in Grandview

Based in Dayton and first opened in 1973, Boston Stoker is one of those long-standing roasters that serves quality coffee before it’s cold. The coffee roaster (and occasional cigar purveyor) is still based in Dayton and has expanded to multiple locations in western Ohio.

They first entered the Columbus market in 2013 with a store on Neil Avenue on the Ohio State campus before moving it across the street to the Thurber Village mall. With this area being redeveloped, they closed this store and in 2022 moved into the former Luck Bros store in Grandview.

I’ve always loved this space and I’m glad there’s a cafe again. It’s long and narrow, with a cafe bar to one side, retail shelves, and then a collection of tables, sofas, and chairs throughout.

Similar to other long-standing stores like Crimson Cup, Boston Stoker distinguishes between expert third wave coffee (great espresso, pour over, French press, Chemex) and more “traditional” coffees with flavored lattes, iced drinks, tea, sandwiches. , and snacks.

My preference is always the espresso bar and I’m happy to say I was pleased with the coffee I had there.

Boston Stoker still captures that ’90s cafe feel, with mismatched furniture, sofas and rugs.

They have a large table towards the back, as well as a few two-tier chairs and other soft chairs, but I love the front nooks near the windows.

While you’re there you can buy beans (including Luck Bros roasts!), brewing equipment, mugs. There is even a small cigar cellar.

Boston Stoker has kept its footing in Columbus and even has a second location in Shawnee Hills this year.

Boston Stoker Coffee Co.
1101 W. First Ave.
Grandview Heights, Ohio 43212
(614) 809-7399

Facebook: @BostonStokerCoffee
Eng: @bostonstokercolumbus

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