Butter Chicken Bao

Butter chicken bao (stuffed steamed bun) is an addictive snack or entree! Fluffy bao with a crispy bottom is stuffed with creamy, plant-based Indian butter sauce soycurl filling! Nutfree Table of Contents These are fusion steamed buns with a filling of soy curls in butter chicken sauce, and there is also some sauce on the … Read more

Italian dressing

This dressing is tangy, herbaceous and slightly sweet. It’s a perfect dressing to make ahead and keep on hand, as it’s versatile and will be perfect for your mixed greens or even pasta salads. Source link

Vegan Caesar Dressing

This vegan Caesar dressing is a tasty and indulgent addition to any salad. Just like the classic, it has a rich, creamy texture with a savory, tangy taste. It’s a perfect choice for drizzling over crisp romaine lettuce. Source link

Gado Gado on toast

This loaded toast is inspired by the Indonesian dish “gado-gado”, it is a mixed vegetable salad served with peanut sauce on top. We’ve simplified this amazing dish with peanut butter, cucumber, carrots and deliciously spicy sambal. Source link

Udon noodles with shoyu butter

Thick, chewy noodles are combined with shiitake mushrooms and edamame beans coated in a buttery umami sauce. This recipe comes together quicker than takeout and is just as delicious! It’s the perfect meal for busy weeknights. Source link

Creamy tomato orzo

This quick and easy creamy orzo recipe uses fresh cherry tomatoes to create a savory base and is topped with crunchy roasted pine nuts, making it the perfect meal for busy days. Source link

Sandwich Gochujang (Tofu Gochujang Banh Mi)

Un copieux sandwich Gochujang sucré et épicé de style Banh Mi! Un déjeuner d’été parfait ! Il a une saveur incroyable du tofu cuit au gochujang, de la mangue sucrée, de la coriandre et du jalapeño de carottes de concombre mariné piquant. Il s’agit d’un sandwich d’été de style banh mi avec une délicieuse marinade … Read more