Discover Columbus Brewing Company’s new brewery

Last week, the Columbus Brewing Company opened its new Beer Hall in the Trolley District, next to the East Market.

The much-anticipated brasserie and restaurant features a magnificent renovation of the historic space, which was once part of the tram company, with the various structures used to build, repair and outfit the trams.

The space features a large rectangular bar in the center, with booths and tables along the walls and a patio with a fire pit out front.

The Beer Hall offers 24 different CBC beers on tap, from lagers and pales to IPAs, sours, stouts.

There is also a cocktail menu and sodas available.

CBC also offers a full menu, although during our visit the kitchen was closed.

A new infusion system is visible through the glass walls at the back.

And beer coolers and merchandise shelves are located near the front door.

Columbus Brewing Company
200 Kelton Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43205
(614) 224-3626

Facebook: CBCBeerHall
Eng: @cbcbeerhall

Learn more about Columbus Brewing Company’s West Side Dining Room or East Market.

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