Discover the best restaurant in Delaware, Ohio: the Hamburger Inn and its famous cinnamon rolls

The best restaurants are community favorites, the kinds of places locals will fiercely defend. Almost every neighborhood has one, a hole in the wall that customers have frequented for generations sometimes. They know the routines, they know the servers, they have their favorites from the menu.

So if you’re new to Delaware, Ohio, here’s the locals’ favorite restaurant: The Hamburger Inn.

The Hamburger Inn is a classic old school place. On weekends, it’s crowded with locals. The grill is constantly at work. Servers work efficiently both ways.

For those who love a good counter seat, you’re in luck: that’s all Hamburger Inn offers. The dining area features three large U-shaped counters, so you automatically become part of the community, squeezed side by side on stools. You sit in the restaurant and if you come with a large group be prepared to split up.

I love these types of counters: they allow servers to easily access customers without having to bend over their shoulders.

First things first: No matter what you get, you have to order a cinnamon roll (or two or three). They’re Hamburger Inn’s most famous dish, and with good reason. They come out warm and soft, rich in cinnamon filling and covered in a not-too-sweet glaze. One bite and it’s easy to see why they’re so remarkable.

I was told you can also order them grilled, which many regulars say is the way to go. And if you’re really all-in, the restaurant offers cinnamon French toast using the same dough.

But the Hamburger Inn doesn’t doze off on its breakfast either. THE Hometown Favorite is your classic combination of eggs cooked to order, choice of meat, house fries (which are scalloped and need a little salt/pepper), and choice of toast.

Quite solid cookies and gravy, Also. The cookies were a bit mushy, but the sauce is thick and well seasoned.

Oh, and did we mention the cinnamon rolls? Order more.

THE omelets are also quite filling, served with homemade fries and toast.

And yes! THE burgers are great at the Hamburger Inn. You can even order them for breakfast.

All that to say‚Ķif you’re dining in Delaware, The Hamburger Inn is the place to try. At the very least, stop and grab a dozen cinnamon rolls.

Want to see grainy cellphone photos of The Hamburger Inn from 2011? Click here!

The Hamburger Inn
16 N. Sandusky St.

Delaware, Ohio 43015
(740) 369-3850
Facebook: @thehamburgerinn
Eng: @hamburger_inn

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