Pastry Chef Aaron Clouse gives you new reasons to visit Parable Coffee

We already love Parable Coffee, one of the best coffee shops in downtown Columbus, and we’ve just been given one more reason to make it a regular stop. Pastry chef Aaron Clouse, who has worked in several restaurants around Columbus and has made several appearances on the Food Network, has just been hired to lead their new baking program!

Parabole is superb on its own, a beautiful space full of greenery and natural light, with an interesting and expert coffee menu.

But now you can enjoy your coffee with a growing list of sweet and savory pastries. Although Aaron hasn’t fully launched the new menu, if you get there early enough (they often sell out at 9:30, he says), you can see what he’s working on. Here are some highlights he shared with us!

First, a classic ham and cheese croissant.

The croissant is beautifully layered and flaky, with evenly sprinkled diced ham, Gruyere and herbs.

This creme brulee cookie mimics the popular dessert with a molasses base, cream cheese interior, and caramelized crackle top.

The “fancy French toast”, as Aaron describes it, includes a poached apricot and a generous dusting of powdered sugar, plus other surprises underneath!

If you follow Aaron or Parable on Instagram, you’ve probably seen these jaw-dropping circular croissants.

First, Nutella chocolate features a rich ganache with a hint of orange inside, chocolate filling, hazelnuts and candied orange.

Yuzu meringue pie takes inspiration from the lemony flavors of yuzu and tops it with toasted marshmallow creme.

With the sweet crust, it really brought back memories of lemon bars I’ve had since I was a kid.

Aaron is still shaping the menu, so expect updates and changes before a full grand opening of the baking program. But what we have tasted so far is a real treat. We often lament the lack of cafes in Columbus with really fancy baking programs (although we have some really great options!), so we’re excited to see more in our city.

Find Parable Coffee at 149 S. High St., Columbus, OH 43215.

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