Plymouth Rock Chicken: The Ultimate Guide

The Plymouth Rock chicken breed is well known for its hardiness, heat and cold tolerance, and friendly personality. They also lay large brown eggs, making them a great choice for backyard chicken lovers.

History of the Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed

The Plymouth Rock breed of chicken is one of the oldest and most popular breeds in America dating back to the mid 1800s. They were named after the famous landing place of the Pilgrims when they arrived in America . Barred Rocks were among the first Plymouth Rocks and are still among the most popular dual-purpose chickens on small farms today. The Barred Rock was among the top 9 chicken breeds for sale in 2022.

The Barred variety was the highest breed of chicken in America during World War II due to its dual purpose qualities. The government even encouraged their breeding during this time due to their large egg producing abilities.

The Personality of a Plymouth Rock Chicken

Plymouth Rocks are another breed whose males are often recommended as good roosters for the domestic flock, as they tend to be calm and friendlier than some roosters.

Chickens are friendly and make great pets for families with children. They tend to be brooders and make good mothers.

The appearance of a Plymouth Rock Chicken

The skin and legs of Plymouth Rocks are yellow; they have clean legs and a single comb. Hens weigh an average of 7.5 pounds and roosters average 9.5 pounds.

Recognized varieties of Plymouth Rock chicken feathers are: Barred (Large Fowl and Dwarf), White, Silver Pencil, Blue, Buff, Columbian, and Partridge.

Egg color and production of Plymouth Rock chickens

Plymouth Rock Chicken Eggs

Hens are considered good laying large brown eggs and lay 200-250 annually.

Plymouth Rock Chicken Care and Health

Although Barred Rocks tolerate confinement, they are happiest when they roam freely. They are tolerant of both heat and cold, although if you keep a barred rooster in a colder climate you should watch its comb to prevent frostbite. Their average lifespan is 6 to 12 years. Learn more about this breed in our list of chicken breeds.

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